The Green Party of Southwest Washington (GP-SSWA) is a non-profit political organization formed in April 2016 as an affiliated local of the Green Party of Washington State. We are engaged in ecology, social justice, and peaceful activism through grassroots democracy.

How does the Green Party compare to the Democratic Party? Check out A Real Difference flyer (original courtesy of GP-WA).


Purpose and Methods

To work toward a Green society as represented by the Ten Key Values of the Green Party: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice and Equal Opportunity, Ecological Wisdom, Non-Violence, Economic Justice and Decentralization, Community-based Economics, Feminism and Gender Equity, Respect for Diversity, Personal and Global Responsibility, Future Focus and Sustainability.

As an organization we may engage nonviolent methods to bring about change: direct action, community organizing and education, personal empowerment, issue campaigns, ballot initiatives, and/or electoral campaign.


Bylaws & Affiliation Agreement

Current GP-SWWA BYLAWS (approved 2017-05-21)
As a local chapter of GP-WA we abide by the GP-WA Affiliation Agreement.


Coordinating Council

Our current Coordinating Council members are listed on the Council page along with contact information. Interested in serving? We welcome nominations or letters of interest!


Our History

2017: Growing Greens

  • GOALS: outreach through a variety of activities and events, membership growth, and finding qualified green candidates to run for local positions.
  • Our first "open house" meeting was held in March.

2016: The Beginning

  • Our premiere Council meeting was held January 23rd at which Bylaws were approved. Mark and Ed completed the financial requirements (bank account, FEC, PDC) over the next couple months.
  • We became an official affiliate of the Green Party of Washington State in April 2016.
  • In spring, Bob joined the GP-WA Coordinating Council. Sally and Mark moved the website to a server that is 300% powered by renewable energy, giving back to the community in green energy credits.
  • Our premiere Membership meeting was held August 8th. Margot Faubion, who joined Council in late summer, expanded our FB visibility.

2015: Preparations

  • In fall 2015, Ed Bennett started this local chapter. Robert (Bob) Cone assisted in the opening phase. Together they wrote bylaws, incorporated the organization, and recruited Coordinating Council members.
  • In late 2015 Sally Keely joined on and created the website. Bob and Sally initiated social media. Mark Keely designed the logo (fractal tree).

Change through local action.


Ten Key Values of the Green Party


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