Green Party Meetings are held regularly at the local, state, and national level. We try to keep this list current and accurate. Please email us any additions or updates.

GP-SWWA Local Chapter Meetings

We typically hold Council meetings (for those serving on Coordinating Council only) several times a year, biannual General Membership meetings (open to current and prospective GP-SWWA members), and an annual Open House (open to all interested parties). Announcements are made here and on social media.

Next Meeting: T.B.A.

Agendas and Minutes of recent GP-SWWA Meetings:

2017-05-15 Membership: agenda | minutes (draft)
2017-04-26 Council: agenda
2017-04-05 Council: minutes
2017-03-29 Council: agenda | minutes
2017-03-15 Open House "Continued": agenda
2017-03-08 Open House (informal meet & greet meeting)
Archived list of meeting minutes from 2016.

GP-WA State Party Meetings

The Green Party of Washington State typically holds biannual membership meetings (a.k.a. "gatherings"). The adenda and venue will vary, but always passionate people involved in organizing for actions that produce positive change.

GP-USA National Party Meetings

The Green Party of the U.S.A. holds annual meetings. Election year meetings hold particular importance as it is where we nominate our green candidate for the President of the United States.

2017 Annual Meeting: July 13-16 in Neward NJ

Change through local action.


Ten Key Values of the Green Party


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